Parkette, monument and plaque, southwest corner of Ulster St. and Brunswick Ave., Toronto
The monument, unveiled in 1973,  is a highly polished black marble plinth, topped by the sculptured head and shoulders of Margaret Fairley (1885-1968). A large granite boulder with a plaque reads “a citizen who cared for her community.” Fairley, who lived nearby in the heart of working-class Toronto, was an active member of the local Communist Party club, which along with neighbours took up petitions to block construction of an apartment block in an area which suffered a lack of recreational space for youngsters. A modest parkette was finally won for the neighbourhood and is now part of a network of such small park areas across Toronto. 
Margaret Fairley was a longtime cultural worker, editor of the magazine New Frontiers and two books, The Spirit of Canadian Democracy (1946) and Selected Writings of William Lyon Mackenzie (Oxford 1960).

Photo Credit: Mel Johnston