Plaque, within the entry arch at 160 Frederick St. (east of Jarvis St.) just north of Front St. East, Toronto

William Lyon Mackenzie printed his weekly Colonial Advocate in York (Toronto) at this location. A gang of young thugs related to members of the Family Compact or connected with officials stormed the premises 8 June 1826. They destroyed three pages of the paper already set in type as well as a form of type ready for printing of the Journals of the Legislative Assembly. Some type was thrown into the adjacent bay or scattered about. The composing stone was thrown to the floor and a new cast-iron patent lever-press broken. Sam Jarvis led the 15 vandals in the orgy of destruction, and some 11 years later this same Jarvis appeared as sheriff leading a contingent of armed persons against Mackenzie's march down Yonge St. at the start of the Rebellion of 1837.