Parkette, just south and east of Carlton and Yonge Sts., at the corner of Granby and Sheard Sts., Toronto

A small parkette, easily overlooked, was the site of Joseph Sheard's homestead. Sheard was a carpenter and foreman to Thomas Storm, who built the scaffold for the 1838 execution of Peter Matthews and Samuel Lount, leaders in the 1837 Rebellion. Sheard refused instructions to help build the scaffold, saying: “I’ll not put a hand to it. Lount and Matthews have done nothing that I might not have done myself, and I’ll never help to build a gallows to hang them”. Public opinion was so opposed to the hanging that the militia were called out to surround the execution site for fear of a last minute rescue attempt.
Sheard later became a leading alderman and in 1871-72 served as mayor of Toronto. As a builder he helped design many fine Toronto buildings and Canada’s first parliament.