The Necropolis, 200 Winchester St., at Sumach St., Toronto

Mackenzie’s gravesite can be found by following the path east from the dedication of the Necropolis to Section O. His gravestone is 10 metres north of the path, and is marked by a Celtic cross. His wife Isabel Baxter is buried with him. William Lyon Mackenzie was born 12 March 1795 and died 28 August 1861. He was Toronto’s first mayor and leader of the Rebellion of 1837 in Upper Canada. Other notables interred in the Necropolis are martyrs Samuel Lount and Peter Matthews, loyal lieutenants of Mackenzie who were sent to the gallows by a vengeful Family Compact. The Necropolis - the City of the Dead, was the oldest of Toronto’s burial grounds in the east end and was dedicated in 1850.